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The Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology was established in 2009 following a separation in the management of the various centers of Success Training College. Essentially this new institution is an amalgamation of Success Center for Extended Studies, Success Training College, Freeport and Success Satellite Centers in Abaco and Eleuthera. So in essence, while the name is new the college is born out of a rich tradition of academic and training excellence.


Like Success Training College, the Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology was founded by Dr. Deswell Forbes, a pioneer of private college-level education in The Bahamas. As the guiding force behind this new endeavor it is expected that Dr. Forbes will cause his vast knowledge and experience to propel The Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology to stratospheric levels of success. The college currently offers Associate Degrees, Certificate and Diploma programs in a wide array of disciplines. Additionally, seminars and workshops are regularly scheduled to meet the training and development needs of local businesses and the community at large.


In keeping with its stated mission, The Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology is quickly distinguishing itself as a leader in providing quality education and takes great pride in the services it offers to the community through its career-oriented programs. Students who complete studies at BIBT are eligible for promotions, increments and qualify for entry-level positions in banking, management, finance, teaching, health-care and many other related fields. Additionally, students who wish can transfer credits to many colleges and universities in the Caribbean, the USA, Canada and the UK and receive advanced placement in their selected program of study.


With the establishment of The Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology, Bahamians across the length and breadth of this commonwealth of islands will now have the opportunity to fulfill their educational needs and dreams without the many obstacles that confronted them in the past. And so we encourage all aspiring individuals to take advantage of many options the college provides.

Created for the advancement of our people regardless of academic achievement or socioeconomic standing.

Bahamas Institute of Technology was established as an institution of higher learning, based on the belief that everyone should be allowed to develop to his or her fullest potential regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin or any other distinguishing characteristics. In particular, the college believes that no individual should be denied the opportunity to pursue his or her educational dreams because of constrained academic or socioeconomic circumstances.


Our commitment to equal educational opportunity is most vividly expressed in our admissions policy, which is designed to accommodate aspiring individuals from every strata of our community who aim to improve their skills, expand their understanding of the environment and gain a greater appreciation of knowledge in general.


Discovery of the New World, breaking the sound barrier, man's first trip to the moon are all feats that require enormous courage and exemplary leadership. While the establishment of BIBT is in no way tantamount to theses accomplishments, the advancement of this great Bahamian institution required exceptional vision and outstanding leadership. In much the same way as the pioneers of the New World or the first moon landing led the way in these discoveries, strong and visionary leadership is positioning BIBT as the college of choice in the Bahamas. 


Although many of the programs offered at BIBT emphasize the acquisition of marketable skills the college nevertheless understands that as a leading academic institution in the Bahamas it must encourage the advancement of knowledge through the fulfillment of a broad range of scholarly pursuits. In this regard, student and faculty alike are afforded various  opportunities through courses and other activites to advance original ideas and to expand the scope of knowledge in their respective disciplines. Scholarly competitions, academic projects, research and other similar activities are geared towards highlighting such endeavors.

In keeping with its mission, Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology will continue to employ qualified faculty and staff members who are dedicated to the tenets and principles governing its operation. The college further commits itself to the following goals:


  • To maintain the highest possible academic standard throughout the college.

  • To employ a body of faculty members knowledgeable of the world and changing conditions.

  • To maintain facilities that reflects on-going global technological advances and developments.

  • To promote the overall intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development of its students.

  • To continually develop and offer a wide range of career-oriented curricula, suitable to the training needs of its students.

  • To provide the physical facility and the human resource, necessary to allow its students to develop to their fullest potentials.

  • To offer the training necessary for individuals to prepare for satisfying jobs and careers.

  • To develop in students a sense of responsibility and commitment to the community in which they live.

  • To foster the development of skillful, well-trained,   competent  individuals necessary for the continued growth and stability of the community

  • To promote a sharing and learning partnership between the college and the community.

  • And in general, to proactively serve and satisfy our students by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our programs and services through building a team of faculty and staff who will develop and maintain high standards of quality and service at all levels of the college.

It is our belief that the achievement of these goals will lead not only to the development of a strong institution but also to the development of competent, progressive individuals who will continue to foster the development of a greater Bahamas. 

Tertiary education in the Bahamas is a relative new development. It was not until the decade of the 70's with the establishment of the College of the Bahamas that opportunities for post-secondary studies began in earnest. Prior to that individuals seeking to acquire high level degrees were forced to travel abroad to achieve these goals. Initially, many persons went to the UK and Jamaica but in recent times depending on the field of study the trend has been pursue studies in the US and Canada.


While many independent "evening schools" sprung up during the 70's no full fledge private colleges came into being before the establishment of Success Training College in 1982. The architech of this project was Dr. Deswell Forbes who apart from being the founding president presided over what was the largest private tertiary endeavor in the Bahamas for more than 30 years.


Success Training College eventually gave birth to the Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology (BIBT) in 2009. Since that time BIBT has become one of the Bahamas' leading tertiary level institutions.



In terms of the future, expansion and growth are the watch words. It is expected that through various strategic developments the college will be able to significantly expand its current offerings both in terms of options and accessibility. This focus on expanded offerings and accessibility would undoubtedly result in a substantially larger number of persons enrolling in our programs and courses. In keeping with this strategy, individuals throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas will be able to take advantage of the opportunities the college offers.


The Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology is committed to providing affordable, comprehensive, tertiary-level training opportunities specifically designed to quickly empower all aspiring individuals through the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge in specific career orientated fields.


To fulfill this mission, the college has designed tertiary-level programs corresponding to the socioeconomic, educational and cultural needs of our country. Generally, the College seeks to provide high quality academic and training programs in a learning environment conducive to successful career preparation, professional development, credit transfer and the establishment of lifelong associations.


We believe that these opportunities and our commitment to excellence in delivering quality education in a caring learning atmosphere will help to promote equality, innovation, personal and professional advancement, economic growth and continued community development throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.


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