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Application for Admission: Certificate Courses

Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology admission requirements are based on the philosophy that every aspiring individual with the desire and potential to benefit from higher learning should be afforded an opportunity to do so. Statistically, less than five percent of the population satisfies the traditional requirements for entry into college. However, it is our firm belief that those students who have graduated from high school with a grade point average of 2.0 or better should not be denied entry to a post secondary academic or training program. Consequently, it should be noted that BIBT Placement Exam is merely designed to channel students along the right path rather than to exclude them out rightly.



COLLEGE PROGRAMS: Students seeking admission into an Associate Degree or Diploma program must satisfy one of the following schemes:

Scheme A:

i.               Applicants must be at least seventeen (17) years old.

ii.              Applicants must possess a high school diploma.

iii.            Cumulative Grade point average must be no less than 2.00 during the last two years of high school.

iv.            Applicants must possess not less than five BGCSE passes including Math and English with grades of "C" or better or the equivalent thereof.


Scheme B: (Mature Students)

i.               Applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years old.

ii.              Applicants must have worked in the desired area of study for at least three (3) years.

iii.            Applicants must possess a high school diploma.

iv.            Applicants must possess passes in at least three BGCSE subjects including Math and English.


NOTE: All persons entering an Associate Degree or a Diploma programwithout the requisite BGCSE passes MUST sit the college's placement exam and enroll in the appropriate foundation courses.



All applications for admission should be addressed to the Director of Admissions, Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology, P.O.Box CB-11242, Nassau, N.P., Bahamas. Applications must be submitted at least three(3) months prior to the trimester in which the student wishes to commence studies.

Persons wishing to study in Freeport should apply directly to the Freeport campus.


Applying in Person:   Please return application to the Office of Admissions in Nassau or Freeport.



Persons applying for external studies must follow the application process as required by the specific institution or organization.

Application for Admission: Degree Courses

Admission into certificate courses requires students to complete the same steps as those for students entering college programs. However, there is no stringent pre-qualification for students enrolling in certificate courses/programs. Please note though that some certificate programs are sequential, consequently permission to register for an advanced stage may require competency at introductory and/or intermediate levels. See specific program for registration details.

Application for Admission: Transfer Students

Application for Admission: International Students

Students who are residents of other countries are welcome to apply for studies at BIBT. However, it must be noted that in addition to the admission guidelines stipulated above, each international student must apply to the Bahamas Department of Immigration for residency status. Admission to study at Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology does not constituted permission to reside in the Bahamas. International students are required to apply to the college at least six (6) months prior to the start date of the trimester in which they wish to commence studies. Additional information regarding international student admission is provided in the international student brochure.


BIBT considers the admission of students from other academic institutions of similar standards. Full credit will be awarded for relevant work completed with a grade of "C" or above. Students entering a diploma or an associate degree program can transfer a maximum of eighteen (18) or thirty-six (36) credits respectively. An official transcript of all work completed elsewhere must be received at BIBT before credits can be considered for transfer.



Students who have completed course work elsewhere but do not have the necessary requirements to qualify as transfer students may choose to sit challenge exams to demonstrate areas of competence. Students who are BIBT in relevant exams will be exempted from or receive credits for appropriate courses. Each student applying for advanced standing should note that there is an administrative cost for each exam attempted. In addition to the administrative cost the student must pay the tuition cost of each course BIBT challenged for transfer consideration.


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