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Eager Students: Ready to Get Started

Orientation Winter 2017 Trimester: Session II ======================================================================================== New students prepare to begin classes on Monday, March 6th at the Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology. President Forbes along with other faculty and staff of the college encouraged the freshmen to pursue their studies with passion while balancing personal commitments and responsibilities. Ms. Angelica Fernander, a member of the 2017 graduating class was especially motivational. She urged the new students not to be distracted by the many emotional, financial and relational challenges that are bound to confront them during their studies.

The students were further encouraged to take full advantage of the college's support services offered by the faculty and staff. These services, they were told, will help to make their college experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

In their remarks, many of the speakers expressed concerns that this new group of students is

100% females and recommended that aspiring leaders of tomorrow each member of the group make a concerted effort to encourage their male associates to likewise take advantage of the opportunities the college affords them.

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